Netherton Lodge_

Holme Valley, Huddersfield

Client _

Mr + Mrs Thomas


Holme Valley, Huddersfield

Project Type _

Proposed External Seating Terrace and Internal Refurbishment

Budget _

Circa £100,000

Main Contractor _

Scorpion Construction

Netherton Lodge is situated within a large plot and garden around three sides of the property.

The terrace is to enjoy outdoor living whilst at the same time allowing flexible indoor living space and allowing the two to interchange. The other design intention is the connection between the external terrace and the rest of the existing garden.

The original building has a large open floor plate that would benefit from preserving these open spaces as much as possible and taking advantage of the natural openings instead of trying to penetrate more openings in the building than necessary.

Naturally as the first floor already has a large open plan entrance / hallway with larger sliding glazed openings, it would make sense to take advantage of this.

The terrace will aim to maximise these three areas by providing a link and then using the same material for the finish of the terrace to be used in the landscape design, bringing harmony and a sense of connection between spaces and materiality.