Hunton Park Hotel_


Client _

Neil Kharna- Countrywide Hotels



Project Type _

Interior design

Budget _


Main Contractor _

Hunton Park, formerly Hazelwood House, has a rich history with a plethora of custodians.

Each custodian had their own ambitions for the house, their own level of interest in the house and brought their own portion of history into association with it. 

The design will take inspiration from the classical architectural style, the black and white of the history books and combine this with rich and colourful stories behind Hunton’s custodians.

The design will take lead from the concept used for the room finishes in order to allow for a natural transition between the communal and private areas of the hotel. The walls colours will be based on the colour scheme used for the themes to each room using blocks of colour to guide the eye to the areas of focus.

Burnt orange blocks will be located around the doors to each room whilst the darker green-black colour will emphasise the path down the corridor. This will be echoed in the use of a central carpet down the main width of the corridor. Where the corridor widens, a light timber plank will be installed.

The Anna Hayman design patterns found on the soft furnishing and wall-coverings of the rooms will be used in the corridors to continue the theme throughout the hotel.