Whitley Lower Plot 02__


Client _

Thwaites Group



Project Type _

Bespoke Residential

Budget _


Main Contractor _

The project will exist of the demolition of the existing buildings and all existing associated outbuildings to create the formation of 02 bespoke detached residential dwellings. The building plot is within the greenbelt area and so it is imperative that the design proposal are sensitive and responsive to its surroundings and context.

Both of the 5 bed detached dwellings promote high quality design and a positive, coherent identity to complement it’s vernacular, the height, shape, form and architectural detail are at the centre of this project, aiming to bring order, hierarchy and a sense of ‘completion’ to the existing site. The variations in design have been introduced between the two proposed designs in the form of projections and recessions to the facades.

The proposed dwellings have a 1.5 storey design to the rear, the property is 2.5 storey which takes advantage of the sloping site to provide a lower ground living space with access into the outdoor amenity spaces.

Powder-coated aluminium windows as well as zinc standing seam cladding will offer a more contemporary aesthetic and positively contrast to the more traditional stone material. The use of zinc cladding provides a subtle hint to the agricultural buildings on the site and seeks to introduce a richer variety of architecture to the street scene and provides a positive contribution to the character of the local area.