Ashover, Chesterfield

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Ashover, Chesterfield

Project Type _

Proposed 02 Detached Dwellings

Budget _

Circa £1,500,000

Main Contractor _

To be completed within a 24 month build programme, the proposal includes the demolition of Uppertown Farm [and all existing outbuildings] and the formation of a 15,000.00 square foot detached dwelling with a 6 car garage.

Eight_OneTwo designed detached dwellings in place of the original property which will be demolished then rebuilt in addition to this, the existing outbuilding is to be converted into a detached dwelling.

EightOne_Two proposed to make the new dwelling larger than that of the existing with a stunning swimming pool, gymnasium and underground wine cellar/sports room. The conversion of the existing outbuilding into a separate detached dwelling was also included in the build programme.

The full design intention is to create a stunning u-shaped courtyard that is both a focal point and responds to the site and existing farm building.

The strategy of demolishing forms and re-distributing around the site to create a more harmonious response is the key design drive behind the proposals.